Larz and Isabel Anderson

Mr. & Mrs. Larz Anderson in their “Hudson 33” in front of the American Embassy, Tokyo, in 1913. Larz served as a fully confirmed and credentialed ambassador to Japan for one day.

Larz and Isabel Anderson: Wealth and Celebrity in the Gilded Age
Stephen T. Moskey
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From the dust jacket:

“This is the story of Larz and Isabel Anderson, wealthy socialites of the Gilded Age, whose extraordinary lives spanned a century of American history – from the Civil War to World War II. Their world included dozens of celebrities who helped define modern culture and politics: Henry and Clover Adams, Alice Pike Barney, Cecilia Beaux, Alva Vanderbilt Belmont, Elizabeth Sherman Cameron, Katharine Cornell, Lord and Lady Curzon, Maud Howe Elliott, Ernest Fenollosa, Henry James, Isabella Stewart Gardner, Robert Todd Lincoln, Wallace Nutting, Theodore Roosevelt, John Singer Sargent, and William Howard Taft.

Based on years of research in American and European archives, Larz and Isabel Anderson: Wealth and Celebrity in the Gilded Age offers readers a fresh look at this fascinating period of American history. Its focus on the intersection of wealth, celebrity, politics, gender, and race offers insight into the origins of contemporary American life. Most importantly, Isabel Anderson emerges from these pages in a new light – as a shining example of the modern American woman.”


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